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Escata by Pere Planaguma is where science meets culinary tradition.

A fermented Anchovy essence, Escata brings the ancient Garum back from history to the modern table.

Burntisland Fish Co are the sole UK distributors for this significant and amazing contribution to the chef's flavour armory.

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Common in the time of the Ancient Greeks & Romans, the sauce known as Garum is one of the most delicious secrets of Mediterranean gastronomy.


Escata is a reinterpretation of this legendary sauce, brought

up-to-date for use in

contemporary cuisine.

Bringing the flavour of the Mediterranean

to the UK with ESCATA by Pere Planaguma

Essence of Anchovy

Mediterranean cuisine

is all about flavour, freshness, variety and colour and its essence can be found in ESCATA. In rice and pasta dishes, in salads and cheeses, even with desserts... a few drops of ESCATA add imagination, subtlety… and flavour.