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Our unique selection of high quality salts bring a new dimension to flavouring

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Natural, unrefined and sourced from around the world, our extensive salt collection has been specially selected for its unique mineral content. This gives each salt its own characteristic flavour and compliments a balanced healthy diet.


Sourced from the Salinas da Fonte da Bica, limestone mountains near Rio Maior.


Rainwater seeps under the bedrock through a salt seam, forming a deep underground current. When the saltwater emerges at the surface it's exposed to the wind and sun, which evaporates the water leaving only the salt. It is then stored in small wooden houses to dry the salt fully.


Black Lava Salt comes from Hawaii and is

a blend of sea salt and purified

volcanic charcoal.


Activated charcoal is added for colour and its detoxifying effects, with proven anti-toxin benefits and digestive support. Black lava salt has a distinctive aroma, its striking colour and great smoky notes make it a superb finishing salt for any dish.


Hawaiian Alea Salt, is an unrefined sea salt that has been mixed with an iron oxide rich volcanic clay called 'Alaea', which gives the seasoning its characteristic brick red colour.


Part of Native Hawaiian cuisine and culture and is used in purification ceremonies of sacred sites. It has a unique piquant flavour making it a superb addition to any dish. Use to enhance flavour and add colour to fish, poultry and vegetables.


Cold smoked on beech wood over 160 hours and rotated every hour.   A Danish smoking tradition dating back to the time of the Vikings.


This salt goes well with any dish, especially steaks, burgers and grilled meats. Use as a finishing salt for steamed fish and vegetables and is spectacular when used to season chicken dishes such as beer can chicken.


Harvested by hand from clay-lined salt ponds in the famed Guérande region of Brittany, France. Sel de Gris is harvested using wooden tools and traditional methods.


An adaptable, premium gourmet salt that adds a textured crunch and can stand up in saucy foods and stews. The mineral-rich clay that lines the salt ponds adds a flavour which makes it perfect with grilled or braised meats and roasted root vegetables.

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